Office Support.   Our support staff team is comprised of two ladies, Leesa and Karen, who work together to assist our clinical staff and our clients. 

Leesa 300

Leesa is our primary support staff and office coordinator, and Karen is our office manager.  If you call during the day, you will likely be  speaking with Leesa. While most of our therapists take care of their own scheduling, Leesa can help you with almost anything else. She can help you in terms of knowing the availabiltiy of our therapists, their hours, coordinating communication with your therapist, and most other things related to your relationship with PHA.  She will also be able to help you with your insurance questions and verify your insurance coverage.

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Karen works behind the scenes to do troubleshooting and fix problems when questions or snafus come up with insurance issues.  She’s great at getting clarification with your insurance company and fixing claims processing problems.

We like to think that we have the best support staff the world has to offer!  Leesa and Karen are both competent and thorough professionals — they are very good at what they do; and yet they care so much about our mission and about what WE do!  At the same time, they are friendly and wonderfully easy to get along with.  

We are confident you will appreciate them almost as much as we do (and if you do, please let them know!).

You can contact Karen or Leesa directly by phone (717-665-2675) or by email: