Group Therapy

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Psychotherapy that takes place in a group setting utilizes the interaction of group members to help a person deal with feelings and behaviors which affect relationships and contribute to current problems being experienced in life.  Group therapy helps a person change by providing immediate feedback of how one is communicating, interacting, and giving unconscious cues that impact relationships.  All groups respect the members' rights to confidentiality.

Who Can Benefit From Group Therapy?

  • People needing to grow and learn to accept responsibility for their life.  
  • People needing help with self-acceptance. 
  • People who are stuck trying to make changes. 
  • People who are experiencing conflict in relationships.  
  • People dealing with loss, death, guilt, and other difficult emotional experiences. 
  • People wanting to make sense of the causes of conflict. 

Groups Offered by PHA

Women's Group

The therapy group for women is an ongoing group designed to help women experience themselves in relationship to others.  Through this experience, women gain insight into the underlying motivations and emotions that contribute to dissatisfaction in interpersonal relationships due to conflict, abuse, and/or  lack  of meaningful interaction.  Issues frequently addressed in the group include, but are not limited to: guilt, depression, anger, caretaking, assertiveness, and self-perception in relationships. 

Men’s Group

"I Don't Want to Talk About It" is a men's therapy group aimed at helping men process those 'hard to talk about' feelings.  This process group is for men dealing with depression, anxiety, and relationship struggles.  By sharing in a group setting men will be encouraged to find new ways of dealing with their feelings and build healthier, more intimate relationships.

Adolescent Group

Therapy groups for adolescents are offered periodically and on demand.  These groups run for a period of fifteen weeks and focus on skill-building and personal growth.  Young men and women in these groups have the opportunity to develop skills and grow in the areas of anger management, peer relationships, decision making, self-esteem, and communication. 


Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy that usually takes place in a group setting and utilizes action and techniques of drama to help a person deal with feelings and unfinished issues from the past.  Psychodrama is useful in helping a person to see more clearly how their own choices, affected by past events and relationships, contribute to current problems he or she is experiencing in life.    

Parenting Classes

These classes, offered periodically and on demand, provide support, interaction, and education for parents around themes of child management, discipline, and nurturance in parenting.  Special emphases include:  Managing difficult behaviors, understanding child development, your child's unique temperament, as well as our own needs as parents, and  how these needs feed into the dynamic parent/child relationship.