Billing and Payment for Services

Fees for services are payable at the time services are delivered, unless other arrangements are made with us, or unless we have a contract with your insurance company to be on their provider panel.  If we are on your insurance company’s provider panel, we will submit all claims for you; you would then be responsible to pay your copay or coinsurance amount at the time of service, after your deductible has been met.  

“Out-of-Network” Coverage

If we are NOT on your insurance panel (that is, we are “out of network”), you are responsible for payment at the time of service, for submitting insurance claims yourself, and also for being aware of nuances and requirements and policies of your insurance company.  

Please be aware that there are a few insurers who will reimburse you only if you see someone in their network of providers.  Most insurers will cover services provided by one of our clinicians, but some do not.  We cannot be aware of differences in policies other than those for the insurance companies with which we participate.  Please click HERE to find out more about what kind of information you’ll want to get from your insurance company.

Insurance Verification

If you would like help in verifying whether your insurance would cover services provided by our practice, please call our office support between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Billable Services Include Direct and Indirect Services 

Professional fees include costs for both direct and indirect services.  

Direct services include face-to-face time spent directly with the clinician you are working with.  This may include individual or family or marital therapy, parent consultation time, etc.    

In addition to scheduled appointments, there may be additional charges for other professional services you may request.  This may include such things as report writing, telephone consultations, consulting with other professionals with your permission, preparation of records or treatment summaries, etc.   Fees for indirect services will be prorated as a percentage of our regular fees, based on the amount of time required.

Fees for Legal Proceedings

If you become involved in legal proceedings that require our participation, you will be expected to pay for, and must agree to be responsible for, all of our professional time, including preparation, transportation costs and time out of the office (portal to portal), even if your therapist is called to testify by another party.  Because of the difficulty of legal involvement, and tremendously increased liability costs, our fees are billed at a higher hourly rate for preparation and attendance at any legal proceeding.